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The Lean Construction Blog is a nonprofit, educational blog with a mission to advance and promote Lean Construction around the world.

The Lean Construction Blog started as an initiative from a group of UC Berkeley alumni and other members of the Lean Construction Community. We believe many people in the AEC industry want to learn more about Lean in a simpler way than what is available at conferences and journals. We want to create a place where people can share case studies, best practices, and get new inspiration for how to apply Lean in their projects. Not everyone read conference and journal papers, therefore by presenting some of the content as blog posts; we believe we can reach a larger audience. For the readers who are interested in learning more, we also plan on linking each blog-post with some resources such as conference papers, journals, books etc.

Our goal is to spread knowledge about Lean Construction, encourage debate, create a knowledge sharing platform for the industry by the industry, develop a network of liked minded individuals, and inspire others to improve the way they manage their projects.

The blog is meant for both the Lean expert and the Lean novice, and is divided into two parts: Educational and Practical part. Our goal for the educational part is to make a series of blog-posts for each of the methods applied in Lean Construction, such as Last Planner System, Target Value Design, IPD, Choosing by Advantages etc. Each series will include an introduction to the method, and other posts on what, why, and how. The Practical part will contain of a series of interviews, case studies, takeaways, and lesson learned from people and companies from the AEC industry applying Lean Construction. This will show how Lean Construction methods are applied, their benefits, challenges, and recommendations for best practices.

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