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Your Secret Recipe for Lean Success

I want to share with you about Japan's five important pivots. For those of you who have been to Japan with me, you’ve heard me articulate-this story before, but I never fully developed a deep understanding of what really transpired until now.


More Leadership than Management

We all have noticed: Managing things is different than leading people. Because of the difference, change from management to leadership means that leaders need to change or at least learn new ways to lead.


High-Performance Leadership #3 - The Missing Puzzle Piece

High Performance Leadership looks at the various systems of human interaction in our projects and our companies through a different, and equally eye-opening set of lenses.


AI in Construction Is Your Ally, Not Enemy

Hard hats and AI? Lean and AI? As an emotional intelligence coach who's spent years in the trenches of the construction industry, I see the whispers around AI. The fear, anxiety, the uncertainty. "Will robots take my job?" they ask, eyes wide.


Weekly Work Planning Guide

This guide is provided to identify the essential components of a quality Weekly Work Plan along with additional actions that strengthen the value of the practice.


Hidden Costs and Unheralded Virtues: Design-Bid-Build versus IPD

The construction industry is known for its highly visible and impressive accomplishments, but also for its rough and combative culture.


If you want to transform your organisation, don't forget to find your TRUE NORTH

Hoshin Kanri is a Lean management tool, "Hoshin" means "compass needle" or "direction" and "Kanri" means "management" or "control".


High-Performance Leadership #2 - High-Performance Teams Need High-performance Leadership

If you were leading a Formula One pit crew, what characteristics would that crew need to epitomize to be a high-performance team?


The Effects of BIM and Lean Construction on Design Management Practices

Modern construction processes, such as building information modeling (BIM) and lean construction, can help to combat these common issues and make the entire construction process more efficient.


Innovations in Sustainable Construction Practices: Paving the Way to a Greener Future

In a world confronting the formidable challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, the construction industry stands at the forefront of transformation. This transformation is driven by an urgent need to embrace sustainable practices.

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