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Increasing Job Satisfaction and Worker Retention through 6S (5S + Safety)

Perhaps the single greatest opportunity for management to demonstrate respect for all employees is through the company’s culture of safety and implementation of 6S in all aspects of the business and construction process.


How to Optimize Your Training & Development Using Online Lean Experiential Learning

Before online experiential learning, most training was a “sit-and-get affair”. You go to a classroom (either in person or digitally), sit for two hours or more, and fill your head with material.


Does Contracting Strategy Matter?

Few topics evoke such controversy among project leaders, both owners and contractors alike, as much as contracting strategy. Deeply held beliefs reinforced by structural foundations drive decisions on contracting strategy regardless of what actual performance data suggest.


How to use the Lean Construction Blog to support your study action team (SAT) and internal training

As you are embarking on your Lean Construction, one of the most important and challenging things to do is training your team. In large organizations, there may be only one or two lean experts in a company with thousands of employees.


The Owners Value Proposition and Conditions of Satisfaction

The lean design and construction community has long used the term “conditions of satisfaction” to describe a variety of project goals, value propositions, general terms and conditions, customer requirements and other broad ideals to be used on lean projects.


Is Lean Thinking a Remedy for the Obsolete Project Management Theories? Part I

According to Koskela and Howell (2002), an explicit project management theory still lacks in prior literature. Current theories fall short of explaining issues in project management such as lack of commitment, frequent failures, and slow methodological renewal.


The Batching Frenzy

You may be thinking that the goal should be to reduce batches to the minimum possible, meaning one unit at a time, a concept popularized by the phrase “single-piece flow”, however, this is not always economical or in many cases, not even technically doable.


Is this the right time for an International Standard covering Lean Construction?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has formed an ad-hoc group to consider whether an International Standard or similar document is needed for the “Agile/adaptive management of projects, programmes, portfolios and related governance.”


Does Your Corporate Culture Align With Your Lean Initiative?

Many companies have a statement somewhere in their website’s “About Us” section that speaks to Corporate Culture or Core Values. These statements, if thoughtfully stated, communicate an organization’s mission.


Rewards Of Visual Production Planning

The principles of Lean Construction are rapidly adopted by construction companies at a project management and admin level. However, the benefits are exponential when focusing on field application that benefits the trades.

Lean Construction in Europe Series

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