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How to Facilitate Collaboration in Target Value Delivery

Target Value Delivery (TVD) is a management practice that views the client’s values and constraints as an input to design aiming to minimise waste and maximise value [1]. In comparison to common design practice, TVD is a proactive approach that requires the following shift in paradigm [2].


Psychological Safety: The Most Important Element of Any Successful Team

Although many people who might read this article may be familiar with David Marquette‘s YouTube video entitled “Greatness”, please allow me to suggest that before reading further. His brief video is based on his book, Turn the Ship Around.


The Art of The Builder: How to Elevate Construction Superintendents

Imagine you just came back from an LCI Congress, or a Lean Construction Blog Conference, or some other lean training. You are excited, energetic, and hopeful for the future. Finally, you will be able to take that next step, improve your project, and reduce waste.


What is the Takt Production Model?

In recent years, Takt Production has received a lot of interest in the construction and we are seeing more and more implementations around the industry. Takt Production comes from the aeronautical industry and its purpose is to stabilize and maintain rhythm of production.


Introduction to CCDC 30 - A Canadian Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Contract

For all project stakeholders, there has been a growing interest to see more collaboration and fewer conflicts in the design and construction process.


Prevention Through Design: How Lean Design And Lean Construction Can Partner For The Best Results

Between January 2012 and early 2014, more than 500 Indian migrant workers and 382 Nepalese died in Qatar performing construction work connected to the 2022 World Cup.


Is COVID Construction’s Uber Moment?

In 2011 Uber launched in San Francisco, allowing users to hail a luxury car for 1.5 times the price of a taxi. It now has annual revenues in excess of $10Bn and has decimated the traditional taxi industry in many cities around the world.


Lean and BIM Synergy at the Construction Phase

Lean Construction and Building Information Modeling (BIM) are important change and transformation drivers in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.


Why Target Value Design And Integrated Project Delivery? A Tale Of Two Cities

Two sister cities, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, have both decided to each build a new library for their citizens. Both cities have roughly the same budget (100 million coins) and a schedule of 3 years (for both design and construction).