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Time Waste on Construction Sites

Ohno applies three categories that work activities can fall into. Direct Work is the value-adding installation and transformation. Then there is a lot of preparatory work, which Ohno calls for Non-Value-Adding Work.


How to Reduce Construction Rework Costs

At the turn of the century, Sir John Egan published ‘Rethinking Construction’, highlighting the urgent need to address spiraling Construction costs, schedules, and defects. Several high profile reports have since reiterated this criticism.


Using Agile & Scrum to Assist LPS ‘Make-Ready’ & Constraints Resolution

Planning problems in construction are accepted and primarily relate to management focus being on control; planning not conceived as a system design; crew level planning being neglected; planning system performance not measured.


If You Want to Get Lean Right, You Must Have the Right Blend of Motivation and Understanding

Have you ever visited or worked on a project that claimed to be practicing lean, but as you walked it, you saw evidence of people just going through the motions?


The Future of Lean Construction

The ever-increasing level of digitization, automation and autonomation will change construction. And this will inevitably change the nature of Lean Construction. Ultimately, Lean Construction will result in the ultra-efficient construction site.


Last Planner System – An Incremental Approach to Radical Change in Your Workflow

The Last Planner System® (LPS) as a whole can radically change the way you plan and execute your construction work. In its entirety LPS can be daunting.


Value Stream Mapping Applied to Lean Construction

Lean Construction is based on the studies of Professor Lauri Koskela in 1992 during his stay at Stanford University in California and his collaboration with Professors Glenn Ballard and Greg Howell.


Does Contracting Strategy Matter?

Few topics evoke such controversy among project leaders, both owners and contractors alike, as much as contracting strategy. Deeply held beliefs reinforced by structural foundations drive decisions on contracting strategy regardless of what actual performance data suggest.


How to use the Lean Construction Blog to support your study action team (SAT) and internal training

As you are embarking on your Lean Construction, one of the most important and challenging things to do is training your team. In large organizations, there may be only one or two lean experts in a company with thousands of employees.

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