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How to identify root causes of low construction labor productivity

The labor productivity of construction projects is low. This urges construction companies to increase their labor efficiency, particularly when demands grow and labor is scarce.


Anatomy of a Huddle – 6 Steps Towards Better Play-Calling

Why do you want to huddle? It could be to keep internal team members from the same company informed or to communicate workflows externally with members from 2 or more companies.


Seven Traits of an Effective Lean Team

Does simply implementing the best lean methods guarantee success? No! Lean methods are implemented by teams of people.


The Mental Health Crisis in Construction

Per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the construction industry suicide rate is 53.2 per 100,000 . That data tells me it is easier on a person’s mental state to be asked to prepare for and propagate war than to work in construction.


A New Lens: Bringing Your Challenges Into Focus

Raise your hand if you have ever been in this position: You have been trying to get your team or company to start practicing Lean Construction. But, after months, there are only a few people who have even tried to utilize the new ways of working.


Are You Solving Problems or Just Fighting Fires?

Whenever I try to introduce A-3 root cause problem solving to the field this is normally the response I get, right after some cursing and eye rolling. The thought of using a methodical approach to getting to the root cause of a problem while using a single sheet of paper...


Time Waste on Construction Sites

Ohno applies three categories that work activities can fall into. Direct Work is the value-adding installation and transformation. Then there is a lot of preparatory work, which Ohno calls for Non-Value-Adding Work.


How to Reduce Construction Rework Costs

At the turn of the century, Sir John Egan published ‘Rethinking Construction’, highlighting the urgent need to address spiraling Construction costs, schedules, and defects. Several high profile reports have since reiterated this criticism.


Using Agile & Scrum to Assist LPS ‘Make-Ready’ & Constraints Resolution

Planning problems in construction are accepted and primarily relate to management focus being on control; planning not conceived as a system design; crew level planning being neglected; planning system performance not measured.


If You Want to Get Lean Right, You Must Have the Right Blend of Motivation and Understanding

Have you ever visited or worked on a project that claimed to be practicing lean, but as you walked it, you saw evidence of people just going through the motions?

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