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Using Indoor Positioning to Analyze Operations Flow

Flow in construction can be divided to process flow, operations flow and portfolio flow (Sacks, 2016). Various metrics have been proposed to measure flow but they are typically based on completing assigned or promised tasks.


Multi-lean Systems: How to Use Them for Complex Construction Projects

Why is a large construction project handled differently than a small project such as a family home? The answer is simple: it is much more complex.


Are You Doing the Right Work to be Successful with the Last Planner System®?

People familiar with the Last Planner System think it’s a brilliant way to increase work production reliability on a project. However, more than a few people attempting to implement achieve less than front-page results.


Digital Lean: Optimizing Jobsite Communications

If 2020 and the first half of 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that adaptation is critical for progress. From COVID-19 to exorbitant lumber prices to supply chain disruptions — construction professionals are dealing with significant challenges and uncertainty.


15 Skills and Practices Conducive to the Successful Guidance of High Intensity, High Performance, Lean Teams

In this segment, we will focus a little more on the ethics and principles which should serve as some of the foundational Rules of Engagement


Either We Heal as a Team or We Will Die as Individuals

Even though I don't follow NFL football and every time I see it I have to go over the rules, it becomes an entertaining sport because of how highly tactical and systematic it is.


Defining Lean Construction And Why It Matters

Deliver value to the customer with the least waste by flow efficiency and do it better and better. It is a starting point for learning in our industry. It guides our path. It is our North star.


Winning in Preconstruction

We do not win on the project - we win in pre-construction. The greatest generals in history would win the war before going to battle. This was one of the major concepts presented in the book, The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. It can be helpful to look at construction like war at times.


Thoughts on Lean Design - The 12 Fundamentals

The application of Lean in the design and engineering of capital projects lags behind Lean applications maturing in both construction fabrication and site assembly processes.


What is the Secret to Creating a Culture of Learning?

We often focus on the tools and the visible elements of what makes a lean organization successful, but fundamentally the essence of lean is not about tools or projects.


9 Lean Leadership Practices To Get The Best Performance Out Of Your Team

Steve Jobs said “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Often when teaching classes in Lean engagement and Lean methodologies, I post two banners on the wall.