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Lean Does Not Apply To The Construction Industry?

I have been reading and responding to a recent spate of posts on LC Blog and other sites in which professional construction schedulers extol the virtues of P6 and MS Project schedules, and assert that the Last Planner System® is a fake process.


Does a pen have a home? - Seiri (Sort) in 5S

Professor James C. Kralik of Harvard University in the United States, states that items in Japan have souls. In Japan, memorials are held for items such as needles, combs, and dolls. This concept is similar to that of lean management.


20 Ways to Enhance Your Personal Creativity

In this blog post, I will take a look at how individuals can boost their creativity. How do you get your own creative juices flowing?


Servant Leadership or, Why Beekeepers Don’t Make Honey

As an amateur beekeeper I very much feel like a servant leader. I don’t tell pipefitters how to fit pipes, and sure enough I don’t tell bees how to make honey.


Leaning In: Construction Team Embraces Takt Planning on Neuroscience Research Building

A primary goal of Takt planning, in lean construction terms, is to create “flow.” In other words, the objective is for each project phase to progress in a logical sequence with no interruptions, delays, or bottlenecks.


What Is Slack In Construction And Why Is It Needed?

Slack is a means to deal with uncertainty and variability in a planned or opportunistic way by using different types of resources. Slack does not only imply the use of extra or idle resources.


The adaptation of Kanban and Andon to the construction site

Today’s construction projects are highly complex. And visualization can help. This is because the human brain processes visual information faster than the written or spoken. Despite this, visualization is seldom found on today’s construction sites.


15 Ways to Spark Corporate Creativity and Make Your Lean Journey Better

So, how do we think differently about the construction business? Many of the following concepts are a bit outrageous.


The Paradox of Lean Construction and the Case for Ambidexterity

This post aims to introduce the ambidextrous characteristics of lean construction (LC). Some studies have shown the rigid and flexible features in LC. However, these achievements cannot fully explain the whole nature of LC.


How to Put Lean in the Contract

Do you want to implement Lean on your project? If so, you must specify it. That does not mean you have to pay extra for it, although there are some more upfront costs when running a lean project.

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