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Integrating Design and Construction using the VDC Framework

Many projects struggle with innovation because they approach it through a siloed perspective. Some projects are great at contech, BIM, or lean. Very few projects have a means of integrating all these great ideas together.


How is Your Company Progressing in its Lean Journey? Use this Lean Check-Up

This is a basic assessment to help you evaluate where your company is in its Lean journey and identify opportunities for improvement.


The start of the takt production was boosted by Porsche and cruise ships

In the early 2010s, Aleksi Heinonen learned how to renovate all 1,500 hotel rooms on a cruise ship in two weeks. He thought that Porsche's lessons in takt production applied to the project could be of interest to builders.


Get Communication Flowing And Keep Your Jobsite Going

Coordination issues on a construction site can spread like wildfire. This comes as no surprise to anyone. Why? There are so many moving parts in any one given day/hour/minute during the life of any job.


Design Process Stability: A Key to Success

Design and construction organisations are constantly looking for ways to improve their design processes, and the ability to deliver high-quality design. This blog post discusses the impact of batch size, throughput time, and reliability on the stability of the design process.


Revolutionizing the Construction Industry with One-Piece Flow

The unique power of Lean lies in its ability to maximize quality and resource productivity by minimizing throughput time and Work-In-Process. A key element of this strategy is the implementation of one-piece flow.


Understanding The Five Types of People Make You Respect Others Even More

We all know by now that ‘respect people’ is one and probably the most important principle of lean. ‘Respect people’ means different things to us.


Top Benefits of Integrating Lean Construction with BIM

The Lean Movement is gaining popularity in the construction world, and with good reason–it's about cutting out waste and increasing value-added activities. Who wouldn't want that?


Industrialization: What Construction Business Owners May Glean

The benefits of moving construction offsite [8] are known to increase build speed, cut down on costs, and create opportunities for better quality assurance through controlled production lines.


Keeping Phase Plans Simple

Have you ever heard a trade partner complain about a phase plan (pull plan) being over four (4) hours? Have you been a part of a phase plan with facilitators that drags on and on?


Mastering the Art of Mindset: Academic vs Practitioner Approaches

During the authors’ time together in graduate school, they stumbled upon two mindsets with which they and their peers sought knowledge and expertise in different fields of work. The two mindsets being that of a practitioner and an academic person.

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