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Top Benefits of Integrating Lean Construction with BIM

The Lean Movement is gaining popularity in the construction world, and with good reason–it's about cutting out waste and increasing value-added activities. Who wouldn't want that?


Industrialization: What Construction Business Owners May Glean

The benefits of moving construction offsite [8] are known to increase build speed, cut down on costs, and create opportunities for better quality assurance through controlled production lines.


Keeping Phase Plans Simple

Have you ever heard a trade partner complain about a phase plan (pull plan) being over four (4) hours? Have you been a part of a phase plan with facilitators that drags on and on?


Mastering the Art of Mindset: Academic vs Practitioner Approaches

During the authors’ time together in graduate school, they stumbled upon two mindsets with which they and their peers sought knowledge and expertise in different fields of work. The two mindsets being that of a practitioner and an academic person.


Uneven Lean: The Strategy, Tactics, and Tools of Developing a Lean Operating Strategy

Recognizing that defining our LOS as the foundational element of our strategic plan was key! Since this was a crucial part of our mission, we knew it was necessary to break down this thought-shifting initiative into practical, achievable steps.


Takt Planning on a 1 Billion Dollar Infrastructure Project

Takt Planning was implemented in two stages, first at the micro-level and then at the macro-level. Stage one work balanced the outflow, work-worker allocation, and distribution, and harmonized the pace of work.


Lean Simulation Game with BIM-based Progress Monitoring for Takt Control

BIM and Lean Construction are promising methods for improving the construction process, with BIM focusing on the product and Lean Construction on the process. Combining both methods can lead to further improvements.


Designing and Operating the Built Environment for Resilient Healthcare Services

Focusing on how the built environment has supported the resilient performance of healthcare services during the pandemic crisis, six main lessons for supporting resilient healthcare were associated with the four resilience abilities.


Lean Does Not Apply To The Construction Industry?

I have been reading and responding to a recent spate of posts on LC Blog and other sites in which professional construction schedulers extol the virtues of P6 and MS Project schedules, and assert that the Last Planner System® is a fake process.

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