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Lean Construction: A comprehensive vision for the development of competitiveness in the construction industry

The construction industry for many years has been considered slow and late in adopting changes and integrating with new management models.


What is the Internal Mechanism of Visual Management?

Regarding visual management, the central concern of practitioners is about the practicality of a tool. They often seek direct answers to the following questions: Which tool will help on their worksites?


Pause and Reflect | How Developing Capabilities and Critical Thinking Impacts Productivity

The construction industry reminds me very much of today’s school system! Both are broken and there doesn’t seem to be much attention on building learning capability.


Takt is the New Tune – How to Develop a Takt Plan Based on a Collaborative Planning Process

Takt is about creating harmony between people contributing to a common cause – whether it is to perform a piece of music or construct a building


Using Lean BIM to Mistake-Proof Furniture Procurement

The parametric nature of BIM paired with standardization of work processes could allow a design practice to leverage BIM and lean thinking to enhance a supplemental service line such as furniture specification and procurement.


The Customization House

Mass customization (MC) refers to the ability to provide (i) personalized goods and services with (ii) efficiencies similar to mass produced or standard products. These two seemingly conflicting goals are closely connected to value and flow.


The Future of Construction and Digital Lean

The modern jobsite is in a constant state of refinement and innovation. Even pre-pandemic, the industry was starting to rethink our current methods of development and embrace change.


Comparison of Sources of Waste between Construction and Manufacturing Industries

Prior research has investigated the sources of waste in order to gain better understanding of waste in production systems and to promote the use of lean methods [1].


How to begin, advance and thrive with takt production: A maturity model & takeaways from 24 Finnish cases

If you’ve engaged with lean construction lately, you’ve probably heard about takt production - if not already employed it.


The “Original Five Principles” of Lean as Operations Strategy

This post is the second of the two-part blog post that addresses “Lean Operations Strategy”. Part 1 explains the background, context and definitions of “Lean as Operations Strategy, and should be reviewed prior to reading this concluding post.