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Direct Work Efficiency: What Makes the Takt Production Matrix (TPM) so Valuable?

Production management, as we know, has been a hot topic within our industry for some time now. And we’ve looked at it from just about every angle. No doubt.


The Best Foot Theory – Reinforce individual core skills to get the best team result

Nils Arne Eggen’s “Best Foot theory.” A philosophy based on the principle that you achieve the best possible team success by reinforcing individual core skills through collaboration


Leaning in Together - A GC's and Structural Engineering Firm's Growth in Lean Together

Both of our stories begin in the early 2000s in a comparable way but on separate paths. Each of our organizations had a small group of people that had early exposure to lean concepts and tools.


Transforming The Construction Industry: What Is Needed For The Systemic Change?

Are there some fundamental reasons why – in the era of customer-driven and disruptive digitized businesses – the construction industry has demonstrated an inadequate and unsatisfactory development?


The use of Kanban card systems on the construction site with Lean Construction Management

There is constant pressure to realize construction projects with ever shorter planning and construction times.


Is Lean Thinking a Remedy for the Obsolete Project Management Theories? Part II

Lean Construction theory was established with the aim of delivering value to the customer. Doing so in not an easy process, as value is hard to define and accomplish


How to identify root causes of low construction labor productivity

The labor productivity of construction projects is low. This urges construction companies to increase their labor efficiency, particularly when demands grow and labor is scarce.


On a Construction Project, Who Makes The Money?

In our industry we have lost sight of who makes the money on the construction project. The reason this is important is because this disconnected thinking leads to classical management styles and away from lean management styles.


Anatomy of a Huddle – 6 Steps Towards Better Play-Calling

Why do you want to huddle? It could be to keep internal team members from the same company informed or to communicate workflows externally with members from 2 or more companies.


Seven Traits of an Effective Lean Team

Does simply implementing the best lean methods guarantee success? No! Lean methods are implemented by teams of people.

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