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Using Agile & Scrum to Assist LPS ‘Make-Ready’ & Constraints Resolution

Planning problems in construction are accepted and primarily relate to management focus being on control; planning not conceived as a system design; crew level planning being neglected; planning system performance not measured.


Why Don’t Teams Use Scrum for Design and Construction?

Spend any amount of time in conversation with me and it is impossible not to notice how easily excited I get about Lean Construction and Agile frameworks, especially Scrum. Lean transformation and business coaching are my primary responsibilities at McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.


11 Scrum Steps to Get Twice the Work Done in Half the Time

Before I began my Lean journey in 2009, I honestly never thought about my capacity. I paused and reflected on what I had learned about applying Lean. My entry point was “Lean Thinking” by Womack and Jones.


Synergies between the Last Planner System and SCRUM

Historically, the greatest challenges in the construction industry are cost and schedule deviations that stem mainly from alterations in the sequence of activities, inefficient scheduling, and high waste rates of operational time, materials and operational efficiency.


Last Planner System Versus SCRUM - Which One Should I Use?

LPS and Scrum share several similarities including the process of refining or breaking down large chunks of work into smaller-manageable-executable tasks which team members commit to complete in a reasonable time frame.