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Comparison of Sources of Waste between Construction and Manufacturing Industries

Prior research has investigated the sources of waste in order to gain better understanding of waste in production systems and to promote the use of lean methods [1].


The Concept of Waste as Understood in Lean Construction

The construction industry is seen, by researchers, as a slowly progressing industry that is suffering from low productivity and poor performance compared to other industries.


The Different Types of Waste in the Construction Industry

In this article, I will explain the different types of waste in the construction industry by giving examples of my own experience, discuss how lean principles can enable their systematic elimination, and give recent examples of lean principles currently in play.


Breaking Through the Variation Barrier

Have you been on a project where workers are standing around with nothing to do or areas on your project ready to go with nobody around and all you hear are crickets chirping? This is caused by variation in production which simply means you have inconsistent processes.


The Ratio of Value vs. Waste in Brazilian Infrastructure Projects

Brazil’s public and private infrastructure sector is investing in processes improvement and kaizen implementation. Included in this investment is a study of the of ratio of value added vs. non-value added activities on site.


Achieving Lean With Cloud and Mobile Technologies

In many ways, lean construction is about ensuring the right people receive the right information at the right time. Cloud and mobile technologies can greatly facilitate these goals. By storing information in the cloud, a construction team gains a single source that connects all the project data.