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The use of Kanban card systems on the construction site with Lean Construction Management

There is constant pressure to realize construction projects with ever shorter planning and construction times.


Applying Kanban at a Small HVAC Company

This blog post is a continuation of our series on the application of Lean Construction methods in a small HVAC Company. The goal of this post is to show how a small company applied Kanban to manage their work processes.


Lean Facility Management – Introducing the Kanban System

Maintenance is defined as a combination of technical, administrative, and management activities throughout the product lifecycle [1]. This is done to ensure that the product keeps functioning smoothly and achieves its full lifecycle.


The adaptation of Kanban and Andon to the construction site

Today’s construction projects are highly complex. And visualization can help. This is because the human brain processes visual information faster than the written or spoken. Despite this, visualization is seldom found on today’s construction sites.