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The Lean Construction Blog is an educational blog with a mission to advance and promote Lean Construction around the world. The Lean Construction Blog started in 2015 as an initiative from a group of UC Berkeley alumni and other members of the Lean Construction Community. Our goal is to spread knowledge about Lean Construction, encourage debate, create a knowledge sharing platform for the industry by the industry, develop a network of liked minded individuals, and inspire others to improve the way they manage their projects.

We want to be the most trusted online resource for Lean Construction practitioners. Over the next decade, our mission is to empower millions of people from around the world to apply Lean in their projects and improve the overall state of the construction industry worldwide. We aim to achieve this mission by lowering the barriers (time and money) that it takes to learn and apply Lean Construction.

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Nawras Skhmot

Manager / Editor
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Doanh Do

Technology / Editor