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1. Introduction to the blog

The Lean Construction Blog started as an initiative from a group of UC Berkeley alumni and other members of the Lean Construction Community in 2015. Many people in the AEC industry want to learn more about Lean Construction, but are looking for more digestible content written in a simpler format than what is available in conference or journal papers. Our goal with the blog is to create a platform where Lean practitioners, experts and researchers can share case studies, best practices and research on the topic, and where people in the AEC industry can learn and get inspiration on how to apply Lean in their projects. By presenting the content in easy to read blog post format, we believe we can reach a larger audience and onboard more people to Lean Construction.

Our mission is to spread knowledge about Lean Construction, create a Lean knowledge sharing platform for the industry by the industry, develop a network of liked minded individuals, and inspire others to improve the way they manage their projects.

2. Type of content

The Lean Construction Blog contains two types of content: Educational Posts and Practical Posts.

Educational Posts: Educational posts cover each of the methods applied in Lean Construction, such as Last Planner System, Target Value Design, IPD, Choosing by Advantages etc. Each series gives an introduction to the method, and goes deeper into the what, why, and how.

Practical Posts: Practical posts contain interviews, case studies, takeaways, and lessons learned from people and companies in the AEC industry applying Lean Construction. This type of content focuses on how different Lean Construction methods are applied in real projects, and what are the benefits, challenges and best practices.

3. How to contribute?

The Lean Construction Blog is depending on blog posts contribution from our audience in order to continue working on our mission. If you would like to contribute by writing one or several blog posts please follow this general guideline:

Each blog-post should contain:
1. Appealing headline (Such as How to…?, 5 Takeaways from applying...)
2. Picture related to the content or to the topic.
3. Main blog content: A blog post should be between 500 -1000 words (1-2 A4 Pages, Arial, Size 11).
4. Reference (if any): Please use footnote for in-text referencing ([1], [2], [3]), and Harvard Citation Style for the reference list.
5. About the author: A picture and a short description about the author of the blog post (max 500 characters). Include occupation, LinkedIn Profile, and involvement in Lean Construction.
6. Additional Resources (if any): Additional papers, books or whitepapers on the topic you want to link to for those interested in learning more.

- The aim of the blog is to simplify topics within Lean Construction in order to reach a larger audience, the writing style should therefore reflect that.
- The purpose is not to write a scientific or academic paper. You can write a blog post based on your research, but please keep it simple and avoid copy-paste.
- Think about how you can present the content in the best way in order to attract and engage readers.

4. How to submit a blog post

You can submit a blog post for review by filling out this form. Or you can email us a Word Doc file or a Google Doc link with your blog post draft.

5. What is the review process?

All blog post will be reviewed by 2 editors to ensure that the content are: (1) high quality, (2) relevant to the intended audience, (3) free from grammar and formatting errors, (4) the concepts are clearly described, and (5) terms used are consistent with the language in the Lean Construction community.

Since the blog is a volunteer effort by the community, people who have written blog posts for the blog and are considered experts in their field may be asked to help review future content.


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