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Looking at Categories for Improvement

We in design and construction tend to break down opportunities for improvement into three general categories - schedule, cost, and quality. I’m excepting safety here because it should always be the number one focus for improvement.


Upon Reflection

I’ve been thinking a lot about the act of reflection. Yes, I’ve been “reflecting upon reflection” (sorry - it was too easy).


Is Perfect the Enemy of Good?

My wife and I enjoy the occasional TV police drama. Now before you start to question how I spend my spare time, hear me out. One day last week one of the characters in a show we frequent stated that “perfect is the enemy of good”. That phrase stuck with me.


When the Wheels Fall Off (and They Will)

You’ve studied the Toyota Production System, you’ve attended webinars, you’ve read all the books. You’ve even learned a little Japanese in the process. Your team has been prepped and schooled in lean theory and seems enthusiastic about embracing something new.


Creating a Lean Culture: Communicating with HeaRT

Creating a lean culture sometimes requires participating in difficult conversations. Perhaps someone is not meeting their commitments, or maybe they're not fully present in meetings where their input is critical to the success of the project.