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Lean Construction Maturity - How Advance is Your Lean Implementation?

Lean Construction (LC) is becoming more popular worldwide as the architect, engineering, and construction industry aims to improve productivity and reduce cost. As more and more companies start their lean journey, the one question that arises is how advance is your lean journey relative to their peers and relative to what is possible. The Lean Maturity model was developed through scientific research of Lean Construction organizations. The aim of this model is to help you understand how far you are along your lean journey. Different Lean tools and processes are more effective at different stages of your lean maturity. By understanding the lean maturity model and where your organization's lean journey lies along it, you can maximize the benefits of your lean implementation. This model also gives you a roadmap and a vision of where your lean journey can be.

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Grounded in Principles: Maximizing the Benefits of Last Planner System

What makes LPS take hold with some teams and not others? How can a team recognize the benefits of LPS? How do teams adapt LPS to meet their needs? How does a team avoid LPS becoming extra work?

The answer is, begin with the end in mind and understand the cause and effect relationships that drive project processes. LPS is a system of integrated conversations that was designed based on process laws, pull as a process management method and continuous improvement. The three process laws, which for simplicity we will call the law of batching, the law of bottlenecks and the law of variation, explain the cause and effect relationships between how we manage a project and the results we get. Understanding these laws explains why the goal of LPS is reliable workflow, how pull methods of management support that goal, and how that goal connects to project success.

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How to Lead a Pull Plan Session

What is pull planning? Why do some teams succeed in harnessing the potential of their team and others merely scratch the surface? What are some hard and fast rules to conducting a successful session and what things can you improvise to suit your specific project and team’s needs?

Attend this webinar to learn about the best practices in running a pulling planning session. See how you can be efficient and effective with your pull planning activities.

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The History and Development of the Last Planner System

This webinar provides a brief introduction of the Last Planner, and then explores the history of its invention and development. It includes the stories about how Glenn Ballard, Greg Howell and influences from other people developed the Last Planner not into simply a lean tool, but more so the foundation for a new theory of project management consistent with lean principles.

In addition to describing the history of the Last Planner, this webinar will also explain why certain practices were integrated into the system, and why it must be applied as a system. Understanding the thinking that went into the Last Planner will enhance your application of it with your project teams.

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Lean Processes That Drives Results

How do project teams manage all the aspects of Lean system and culture to achieve reliability in cost, schedule and value performance?

Attend this webinar to learn the answer, along with practical recommendations on how to quickstart your Lean journey. Your instructor – Sam Spata, AIA – brings an executive architect’s perspective to Lean project delivery. Using his unique framework, The Lean Progression © , you will learn the interplay of Lean system, culture and results. Organized on 5 levels, The Lean Progression © integrates Lean theory, vision, processes, tools and habits.

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Learning to See Through Lean Lenses

It is often said that once a person begins to understand Lean Principles, they will never look at the world the same way again. Lean provides a new perspective, like looking at our work and the world around us through a new set of Lean Lenses.

This webinar is based on an “Introduction to Lean Construction, Seeing the World Through Lean Lenses” workshop originally developed to onboard new members of the Northern California LCI Community of Practice.

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Overview of The Business Case for Lean

Traditionally we have relied on anecdotal evidence to suggest how Lean project teams typically deliver better project outcomes. Empirical evidence now shows that projects with high Lean intensity are three times more likely to complete ahead of schedule and two times more likely to complete under budget. How and why Lean and IPD projects are excelling were explored through two separate Lean Construction Institute research efforts conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics and University of Minnesota.

John Pemberton, Intel’s former VP of Technology and Manufacturing, recently oversaw domestic and international projects as Intel’s Global Construction Group General Manager. John also led the technology transfer and ramp of new products. After 34 years with Intel, he is retired and now a sought-out champion for Lean and collaborative delivery approaches.

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Putting a productivity focus in production management with Last Planner® System and Lean Principles

Many implementations of Last Planner® System on projects striving to implement lean construction still fail to achieve even a fraction of the gains we have seen on projects some would consider ‘best in class’ from a lean perspective. Part of the challenge is that LPS is being incorporated into more traditionally subcontracted projects, thereby missing the cooperative benefits we would expect from an IPD agreement; however, another contributing factor is our approach to the actual production management aspect – or rather production control as is still the more common approach.

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