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The Last Planner System was developed to provide more reliable workflow in order to promote confidence in planning and preparation, which is known to impact performance. Reliable workflow is measured in Percent Plan Complete and the metric is understood to measure the health of the project planning and control system and project performance only indirectly. In practice, too often PPC is used to beat people up for not keeping their commitments. For that purpose, tracking averages per week, month or quarter is sufficient. However, both that use of PPC and the way it is tracked conceals opportunity for improvement. PPC should be used to spur learning. Tracking PPC variation along with averages enforces the importance of attacking causes of variation. This paper provides a way to teach users of the Last Planner System how PPC variation negatively impacts projects.


Prior to his current position as a business analyst at DPR Construction, Leonardo’s career spans 25+ years of experience in industry and academia on several continents. He was a BIM pioneer on mining projects in Latin America in the late 1990s. He taught BIM-based construction management methods in several universities in Latin America and at Stanford, where he is also a frequent industry research collaborator. He has led the application of BIM, VDC, and IPD practices on a wide range of projects, from industrial to multi-family residential to infrastructure, commercial, and health care projects in the US, Latin America, and Africa. Leonardo is passionate about bringing technologies and workflows to practice that allow engineering and construction experts to apply their knowledge when it matters most. He holds a Civil Engineer degree from Universidad Ricardo Palma in Peru, M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, MBA from UC Berkeley, and served as a Visiting Professor at Stanford University in 2011-2012.

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