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Join our webinar to learn about the lean technique of Mistakeproofing! If you haven’t heard of Mistakeproofing, (also referred to as Poka Yoke), it is focused on the prediction, prevention and process of eliminating errors in our work execution, with the goal of reducing the potential of making mistakes and the associated waste. This supports one of the core tenets of lean – ‘Respect for People’ focusing on improving the process, not on blaming the person. People make mistakes – to err is human – but we can reduce the likelihood that a mistake will occur or alleviate the impact of a mistake that has occurred. You will hear about a framework that distinguishes 6 principles of mistakeproofing, along with examples to learn why some mistakeproofing practices are better than others. This is something that everyone can relate to, regardless of role … whether at home, at work, or both!


Iris is a Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Project Management, and she directs the Project Production Systems Laboratory (P2SL - at the University of California, Berkeley. She has been teaching Lean Construction for nearly 30 years using Serious Games such as the Parade of Trades to bring hands-on learning into the classroom. At Cal, she teaches two semester-long graduate courses on Lean Construction. The Mistakeproofing Game she created derives from her research on safety and quality management in construction. Iris is an active member of the International Group for Lean Construction ( A recognized Lean Pioneer, she is a founding member of the Lean Construction Institute.

Lisa is a Project Director in the Calgary Ledcor Construction branch, as well as part of the YYC Lean Community of Practice core group. Having a diverse work background, working for both owners and contractors, provides Lisa with an open-minded lens to approach construction and specifically lean. Lisa recently earned her CM-Lean designation, is a lead of the lean community of practice within Ledcor Calgary and currently working on her LSSGB certification. Lean principles align well with Lisa's other interests, including sustainability, Continuous Improvement, Inclusion & Diversity, Mental Health and Wellness in Construction.

Diksha is a Project Coordinator at Ledcor Construction, with a background in Estimating. D graduated from SAIT's Civil Engineering Technology program and joined Ledcor right after completing studies. With a keen interest in Lean construction tools and approaches, D has been actively involved in incorporating them into the ongoing downtown renovation project. D is also a supporter and frequent attendee of the Calgary Lean Community of Practice, with a focus on promoting the adoption of Lean practices across the construction industry.

Earn AGC-CM Lean Continuation Education Credits

AGC recognizes this webinar as quality Lean Construction content and it qualifies for 1.5 hours of AGC CE credit. All attendees can forward the receipt of the webinar to AGC and have the webinar count towards renewing their CM-Lean certificate.

Everyone needs to register in order to attend the webinar. We will send out the webinar recording to everyone that registered. You may purchase our past webinar recording from the online store.

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