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What is Lean Construction? Start Here.

It starts with the most basic question: How do we create value? Virtually any endeavor has a customer that wants or needs something. It has a producer to meet that need. And there is a production process. Lean is about how we produce value.


What is Continuous Improvement and How You Can Build a Continuous Improvement Culture

Better, faster, cheaper, safer. These are basic goals of Lean. We are always looking for a better design, a safer work practice, a lower cost installation process, or a faster schedule.


Defining Lean Construction And Why It Matters

Deliver value to the customer with the least waste by flow efficiency and do it better and better. It is a starting point for learning in our industry. It guides our path. It is our North star.


5S - Building A Lean Culture in the Field

How can 5S benefit the construction industry? It improves productivity, quality, safety and schedule. It is a core lean method to bring Lean thinking to frontline workers in the field or shop. It is simple. It costs almost nothing.