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The Construction Industry is in Crisis. The Root Cause and a Better Way Forward

The engineering and construction industry is in crisis, with over $1.6 trillion wasted annually due to capital projects not being delivered on time or on budget. Massive project cost overruns, schedule delays and claims are so commonplace they have become ‘normalized'.


The Illusion of Being in Control

Many professionals in the engineering and construction industry operate under the illusion of being in control of their capital projects, until it is too late. For many, the recipe for being in control has a few key ingredients including, but not limited to, a baseline schedule so progress can be measured.


The Batching Frenzy

You may be thinking that the goal should be to reduce batches to the minimum possible, meaning one unit at a time, a concept popularized by the phrase “single-piece flow”, however, this is not always economical or in many cases, not even technically doable.