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Are You Doing the Right Work to be Successful with the Last Planner System®?

People familiar with the Last Planner System think it’s a brilliant way to increase work production reliability on a project. However, more than a few people attempting to implement achieve less than front-page results.


Do I really need Lean Construction coaching?

“I need a Lean Coach!” That is great to hear! But if you hire one, do you really need coaching, or do you actually need something else? As coaches, we spend a lot of time coaching, but many of us spend an even larger percentage of our time training and facilitating.


How to Lead a Pull Plan Session

Around 15% of builders are using Pull Planning (although only 9% are using the full Last Planner® System) on at least some of their projects, according to the AGC and McGraw Hill [1] . The challenge is how to get the most value in the shortest time during a pull planning session.