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The Business of Design – Lean for Design Service Providers

Why do Clients expectations fall short of design services providers fees and prescribed timeframes? That is, they feel they are not getting the value for services that they contracted for. Clients ask when will I be able to benefit from the work I asked for? How much will it cost me to get there? How and why might a Lean approach assist to add more value to all stakeholders in the design phase? The perceived lack of value by Clients is usually a result of incomplete and uncoordinated construction documents during construction and unrealistic estimation of design schedules and budgets. Where are the disconnects?

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Building the “A” Team: Creating a Personal Connection with Onboarding in LPD

Two central tenets of Lean are “Respect for People” and “Removal of Waste“ wherever [1]. By not investing in learning about how each individual works on a project, we give up the opportunity for the project to go from ordinary to extraordinary and are overlooking major waste — the waste of human resources that can cost the project as much as schedule or material delays.

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Building the “A” Team: Steps for an Effective Onboarding Process in LPD

“How teams work matters more than who is on them. There’s a myth we all carry inside our heads, we think we need superstars. Our research showed you can take a team of average performers and if you teach them to interact the right way they'll do things no superstar could ever accomplish.” Laszlo Boch, SVP People Operations, Google [7].

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