Andrea Sponsel


Organizational Transformation and Lean Thinking: In Perfect Harmony

Change in an organization is inevitable and necessary. This shouldn’t be earth-shattering to anyone. The people, processes, space and technology must constantly evolve. When we are satisfied with being on a plateau inescapably something will disrupt our steady movement and change the course. So how does an organization anticipate what’s next, continuously improve, and bring ready and willing people along? The answer: Lean Thinking and Change Management.

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Teaching Lean: Tools and Tricks for Coaching and Facilitation

We have all been tasked at some point in our life to teach someone else about something we know, and there are certainly some subjects that are more exciting to students than others. When a subject, like implementation of lean tools, is not easily understood because it is new or different from what is already known, it requires the teacher to use different approaches. The first step for the teacher is understanding his or her audience, and deciding which approach will work best: coach, facilitator or trainer.

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