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Is COVID Construction’s Uber Moment?

In 2011 Uber launched in San Francisco, allowing users to hail a luxury car for 1.5 times the price of a taxi. It now has annual revenues in excess of $10Bn and has decimated the traditional taxi industry in many cities around the world.


Lean This Way for Improved Project Outcomes

Is a new standard form of construction contract required to drive greater adoption of lean construction principles and address high levels of waste and low labour productivity on construction projects in Australia?


Construction 4.1: The case for an urgent COVID 19 reboot of the construction industry

Construction of new infrastructure will be an important tool for governments around the world seeking to rebuild economies devastated by shutdowns in response to COVID 19. Every dollar spent on construction projects has a multiplier effect.


Zero Sum to Win-Win: An Australian Perspective on Integrated Project Delivery

In many parts of the World, contracting can seem like the modern-day equivalent of a Roman gladiatorial battle, where a single project cost blow-out can end a promising political career or bankrupt a once profitable company.