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Courageous Leadership for Highly Productive Team Cultures

A courageous leader is one who not only takes actions that instill a foundation of trust, but cocreates a community where the wellbeing of the humans who work there are at the core of workplace excellence.


Enthusiasm for Lean: Improving Project Team Buy-In

For many lean leaders and coaches a primary concern is obtaining the full engagement of everyone on a project team in lean practices. Despite best efforts at directing people toward lean behaviors universal lean buy-in is hard to achieve. What people are looking for is a way to create enthusiasm for lean.


Aligning The Many Voices on a Project Team as a Foundation for Lean Practices

As many have observed, lean projects need to “go slow to go fast.” One of the most effective ways to align a team for any mission, whether it’s consistent lean practices, or whatever is important to the team, is to intentionally develop a baseline of trust.