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5 common mistakes implementing and using a digital Last Planner System and how to avoid them

The Last Planner System (LPS) is a process used to develop a collaborative production planning that is based on the team experience in order to achieve efficient and effective design and construction processes. A digitized system and its visualization has shown advantages due its independence of time and location. In case the digital tool receives all automated checks and necessary information in order to support the planning process the LPS evolves into its leanest version.

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A Digital Approach to Implement and Use The Last Planner® System

The pros of using the Last Planner® System [1] in Projects is a well referred topic [2, 3, 4]. However, especially in a design phase with several participants who are located far away from each other, analog systems can be uneconomical. This was the biggest challenge during the implementation of a Lean Project Delivery System for the design phase of a residential home with about 800 apartments. The design team consisted of four organizations, two located in Germany, one in Austria, and another in Poland. Due to a tight budget, co-location was not an option.

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